About me


I was a graduate student in pure mathematics at the University of Michigan, advised by Alex Wright. My thesis focused on hyperbolic geometry, Teichm├╝ller dynamics, and Patterson-Sullivan theory. I am currently learning how to use the Lean theorem prover, formalizing results about \(\mathrm{Out}(F_n)\) in Lean, and documenting my learning here.

Outside of math, I enjoy rock climbing and cycling, proselytizing Emacs, and programming in Rust and Haskell.

Recent timeline

Here's a list of conferences/workshops/seminars I have been in recently.

  • February 2024: Group Actions and Dynamics Seminar, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • January 2023: Salt Flat MRC, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • December 2022: Dynamics Seminar, University of Washington, Seattle
  • July 2022: Topology Students Workshop, Georgia Tech, Atlanta
  • November 2021: Midwest Dynamical Systems, Northwestern University, Evanston
  • July 2021: Park City Math Institute Summer Graduate School, Virtual
  • June 2021: CMI-HIMR Dynamics and Geometry Online Summer School, Clay Mathematics Institute, Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

For a more complete list, see the Conferences section in my CV.