About me


I am a mathematician working in geometric group theory (and related areas) and formalizing geometric results in the Lean theorem prover. I obtained my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2024, advised by Alex Wright. My thesis focused on Teichmüller theory, and specifically the dynamics of the action of the mapping class group (and interesting subgroups) on Teicmüller space. I am currently trying to formalize results about \(\mathrm{Out}(F_n)\) in Lean, and documenting my learning here.

Outside of math, I enjoy rock climbing and cycling, proselytizing Emacs, and programming in Rust and Haskell.

Recent timeline

Here's a list of conferences/workshops/seminars I have been in recently.

  • February 2024: Group Actions and Dynamics Seminar, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • January 2023: Salt Flat MRC, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • December 2022: Dynamics Seminar, University of Washington, Seattle
  • July 2022: Topology Students Workshop, Georgia Tech, Atlanta
  • November 2021: Midwest Dynamical Systems, Northwestern University, Evanston
  • July 2021: Park City Math Institute Summer Graduate School, Virtual
  • June 2021: CMI-HIMR Dynamics and Geometry Online Summer School, Clay Mathematics Institute, Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

For a more complete list, see the Conferences section in my CV.