Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics

Hierarchically hyperbolic spaces and applications to Teichmüller theory (i.e. the Masur-Minsky machinery) (about)
A tour through the proof of Margulis Superrigidity (about)
The Nielsen-Thurston classification of mapping class elements (about)
Upgrading ergodicity to mixing (about)
The geodesic flow on symmetric spaces (about)
Notes on entropy (about)
Constructing complex structures on surfaces via the Beltrami equation (about)
Divisors and the Abel-Jacobi map (about)
The moment map for symplectic toric varieties (about)


High Dimensional Probability (about)
Notes on Moduli of Curves (about)
The Laplacian on Riemannian manifolds (about)
Notes on homotopy theory
Roth's theorem on 3-term arithmetic progressions
Weyl’s equidistribution theorem for linear and quadratic polynomials