Setting up GitLab to automatically generate PDFs from committed LaTeX files

Posted: Wed 17 January 2018
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Tags: gitlab LaTeX

I had been meaning to get started with GitLab's continuous integration to generate PDFs of my assignments and notes, rather then generating the PDFs offline and committing them to the repository as well, but I always kept delaying the migration because of the lack of sufficient documentation on the matter …

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Cohomology as a measure of local to global failure

Posted: Mon 25 December 2017
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Tags: cohomology sheaves topology

Motivation for cohomology

In most introductory algebraic topology courses, cohomology is rather poorly motivated. It's most commonly seen form in an algebraic topology course is singular cohomology, which arises as a the homology of the dual of the singular chain complex, but that doesn't really tell you why it's of …

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